Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

What is EbixCash E-wallet account?
E-wallet is an EbixCash virtual account that enables user to use this account on all the merchants where EbixCash payment gateway is available. E-wallet is a Semi-Closed Prepaid Payment card. E-wallet has been developed exclusively for online usage by the masses who do not have Credit/Debit Cards or who are apprehensive to use their credit/Debit card online for risk of misuse. E-wallet has been specifically been designed keeping in mind absolute convenience and can be accessed by the user with their registered Email id or Mobile. It is a financial instrument which can be pre-loaded with the appropriate amount for subsequent use as per the holders convenience.

How can I opt for EbixCash E-wallet account?
You can visit or any EbixCash World Franchisee to register for E-wallet account. You need to provide your Name, Email address and Mobile number to register for E-wallet account.

How do I get account details?
Post registration, you get the account details on your mail ID and on Mobile as SMS.

Can I start using my account directly once I get the account details?
No. Before using your account, you have to verify your Email address and Mobile number. Email and SMS you receive carries all the information about the verification process.

What comprises my E-wallet account?
Your E-wallet account carries a serial number which can be used for any communication with customer care. It also has a transaction pin that is required during transaction.

What is transaction PIN?
Transaction Pin is a 4 Digit Pin that is used at the payment gateway along with your Mobile number or Email ID.

How much amount I can keep in my E-wallet account?
You can keep Rs 10,000 maximum into your account without providing any KYCs. If KYC documents are submitted and approved your balance limit gets increased to Rs 100000.

Where can I Upgrade my account?
You may upgrade your account by updating your Pan and Aadhaar in the link provided for kyc upgrdation

What is the validity of E-wallet account?
The minimum validity is 1 year from the date of registration.

Is the card active if unused for a long period of time.
If the card is not used for a period of 12 months the same shall be blocked until verified.

How to I reactive my card which has not been active for a period of 12 months
Please call customer service and complete verification requirement for reactivation.

Where can I use my E-wallet account?
Your E-wallet account can be used on all the merchant sites where EbixCash Payment gateway is enabled.

What all merchants are available through E-wallet account?
Details of all the merchants where EbixCash can be used are available on under services tab.

Where can I reload my E-wallet account?
You can reload your E-wallet account online or by visiting any EbixCash World Franchisee.

Can I reload my E-wallet account using my bank account?
Yes, You can reload your E-wallet account using Net Banking and Debit Card

Is there any charge applicable to reload my E-wallet account?
No, there are no charges applicable to reload your E-wallet account If reloaded at EbixCash World Franchisee. However, If reloaded through Net Banking or Debit card 1.3% will be charged on reload amount.

How to check balance on my E-wallet account?
You can login to your account on and check balance. Also you can check it by sending SMS BAL_ <TRANSACTION> PIN to 7200057575

What if I forgot my Login password?
You can reset your password by clicking on a link "Forgot Password" on login page at

How can I change/reset my transaction pin?
After login to your account on, under manage account you can change or reset transaction pins.

How can I change my Mobile number or Email address for login?
After login to your account on, under Profile tab you can change your Email address, Mobile number and login password. Verification link and format for Email and SMS is sent to the new mail address and Mobile number respectively. To make the changes effective you need to verify the same as per the procedures mentioned in mail and SMS.

Can I transfer money from my E-wallet account to any other account?
Yes. Login and click on "Fund Transfer" tab. You have to enter recipients account serial number or Mobile number. You can only transfer funds in registered user's account.

Is there any charge applicable for fund transfers?
Yes. If you transfer funds within any of the mapped account then Rs5 per transaction is applicable. Similarly, If you transfer funds to an account belongs to other user then 2% charge is applicable.